Yoga Time?

After a particularly painful run last week, I pledged to start doing what everyone has been telling me to do for ages…stretch after a workout. (Yes, I know, I’m a bit late catching on with this one.)

It’s only been two days but so far, so good!

So did it work?

I can’t exactly claim I carried out a fair test, but, this morning my legs felt champion throughout the whole 10k. That’s more than I can say for last week!

When I returned home, I kept up the good work by using the foam roller and then having a good stretch.

On the downside, I very much doubt that I am doing anywhere near enough to improve my flexibility…

So what next?

A couple of blogs I love to read (But Can I Still Drink Wine?ย and No More Lettuce)ย have recently been posting about their new found love for Yoga.

Many, many years ago I went to a yoga class. Far from finding inner peace, I found it all a bit…well weird. The instructor was probably the most stereotypical yoga instructor you could possibly imagine. Think skinny, lentil eating male with ponytail and patterned baggy trousers. This guy ‘lived’ yoga. I just couldn’t relate at all and found myself hopelessly trying to complete the moves without collapsing in a fit of childish giggles.

Ever since, I’ve avoided yoga like the plague, always believing it just wasn’t for me.

Part of me still believes this is true…I’m not exactly a quiet, thoughtful kind of person. I’m a talking machine who lives life a 100 miles an hour. I’m always doing at least 3 things at a time (right now I’m drinking tea, eating a cupcake, watching CSI and typing this – no seriously!) I’m pretty sure that just being quiet for an entire class would be a struggle for me, let alone the fact that I am not only a total beginner but also ridiculously inflexible!

The other part of me thinks that all of the reasons above are exactly why I should be doing Yoga.

I just don’t know where to start?


5 thoughts on “Yoga Time?

  1. This is awesomely funny! Thanks for the nod. As for Yoga, as you know, I won’t do a class yet. I have a fear of falling over onto someone and end up sued for breaking someone’s buttbone. So I went to Wallys world and purchased a $10 Beginning Yoga DVD. It had 2, 30 min sessions -an easy flow and the other I found murderous (at first). That’s how I started. Now that I love it so, I signed up for myyogaonline (2-week free trial for you to try it). Over 2000 good HD quality yoga & pilates videos. And guess what?? The instructors I’ve seen so far are not touting wheatgrass and granola. They are not bohemian waifs etiher; they are short, tall, thin, thick -Normal! Yes! Monday my trial was up so I signed up for Monthly access. Today I swear I saw something similar to an “oblique” in my torso! Holy hell! I urge you to give it a shot! If you don’t like it, you can know for sure and never have to worry about it again. But if you do like it… Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Girl, I’m with ya on the flexibility!! And the whole yoga lifestyle. I’m not much of a granola-y, vegan, wear hemp kinda gal. And when they start talking about like your internal fire and earth-core, I’m all “Hey man, all I wanted was to be more strong and flexible.” That being said, it’s a pretty great feeling when you actually start liking it. You can do it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. you crack me up and thanks for the shout-out!

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