About Me

I like Cake.

I use the word ‘cake’  in the very broadest sense.

Along with the obvious  –  cupcakes, layer cakes, chocolate cakes, lemon cakes, sponge cakes, marble cakes, rock cakes, pancakes, carrot cakes, cheesecakes – I also include pretty much any other ‘baked goods’ you can think of, under that title too – muffins, scones, biscuits, cookies, tarts, shortbread, brownies, rocky road, flapjacks, pies, waffles. You get the picture.

Fortunately, I also like working out and eating vegetables!

In fact, despite my love of baked things, I actually consider my diet to be generally pretty healthy. I like to cook nutritious meals from scratch, I always eat my 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and I drink plenty of water.

I am not one for fads or strict rules. Shocking though it may be to some, I eat carbs with almost every meal (!!!)  and I am certainly not vegan or even vegetarian. I’m happy to say that as far as I can tell, red meat, gluten and dairy do me no harm. As for organic, unfortunately my budget does not stretch, but hopefully one day it will!

So with that in mind, my daily (weekday!) diet looks something like this:


Porridge made with semi-skimmed milk and berries.


Oats with plain low-fat yoghurt and berries.

Mid Morning:

Two cups of coffee with semi-skimmed milk. No. Decaf. For. Me.


Minestrone/Vegetable soup with 1 large wholemeal roll and butter. Fruit.


1 large wholemeal roll with chicken/tuna and loads salad. Fruit.


Left-overs from the previous nights dinner. Fruit.

Mid Afternoon:

Two cups of tea with semi-skimmed milk.


Homemade chicken, chickpea and vegetable curry with basmati rice.


Homemade  bolognese sauce with wholemeal spaghetti,  Parmesan cheese and rocket salad.

Evening Snack:

Cup of tea with semi-skimmed milk and if the mood takes me, a few squares of dark chocolate.


Hot Chocolate


Obviously there are many more variants, sometimes I will grab a sandwich from the shop, sometimes I will eat dinner out with friends, sometimes there will be cakes in the office! As a rule though, I stick to a routine pretty similar to the above.

At the weekends however, routine is almost non-existent. Friday and Saturday nights usually mean wine and nibbles with friends, or dinner out with the man. Saturday and Sunday mornings can sometimes require a life saving trip to the cafe for a bacon and egg butty or a leisurely brunch in town (Eggs Royale since you ask). Sunday, well Sunday mean family, and family means food!

All of  which probably explains why I can never quite lose the 7lbs I would like to!

Finally, in case you are interested (or just nosy like me!) I am a UK based female in my mid twenties, I’m 5’9″ Tall and I weigh  10st 12lbs, which puts me quite comfortably within the healthy BMI range and I’d like to stay there….

So the battle continues,  Me Vs. Cake.


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