Last night I failed quite spectacularly with my mission to only have a maximum of 3 drinks. I don’t know what to tell you, except I had a great night!

As a consequence, today is a battle. To make matters worse still, after a week of scraping meals together from the dregs at the back of the cupboard and the bottom drawer of the freezer (frozen peas and marmalade anyone?!) the food shopping could wait no longer. For those of you who don’t yet know my troubles with food shopping, you can feel my pain here.

Food shopping with a hangover is twice as dangerous.

Not only did it take me twice as long as usual and cost me twice as much, I somehow aged 30 years in an instant at the tills when I was suddenly unable to remember my pin number, much to the annoyance of the people queuing behind me. Sorry angry lady with screaming toddler!

There is however an upside to shopping with a hangover. When I peered into the cupboard looking for a rewarding snack, I found a pack of chocolate hobnobs looking back at me!

Since it is raining outside and The Man is at work, I’m now going to curl up with a cup of tea and work on my crochet project for the rest of the afternoon. And I’m not going to allow myself to feel even the tiniest bit guilty at all.


Is anyone else suffering from a hangover today?


Me Vs. Wine

Maybe I am just getting old, but these days, a few too many of the good stuff and I am a wreck for a minimum of 2 days.

Back when I was at university, a standard night out meant drinking an entire bottle of wine before even leaving the house! Sure, I got hangovers, but somehow they seemed…worth it?!

These days, I feel like I am over it.

You see, me hungover, goes something like this… (warning, it ain’t pretty!)

Wake up early and desperately thirsty!! Down a pint of water. Feel guilty at the mere thought of going back to bed, so instead, make an industrial strength coffee. In hindsight, this is my first mistake. Deep down I know I should go back to bed and get the extra sleep I so badly need. Instead, I battle on, drinking coffee throughout the morning. The Man, a nocturnal creature, wakes up late morning, by which time I am equal parts starving and exhausted. We get some food. When I say some food, I mean LOADS of food, because when I am hungover, I am like a deep cavernous pit, which can never, ever, be filled. Then I hit a carb/sugar coma and feel even more tired, but now also a bit grouchy too.

Then comes the guilt.

Swiftly followed by an exhausting battle inside my already painful brain.

“It’s a beautiful day outside, why waste it sitting on the sofa in your pj’s?”

“Get The Man to bring the duvet down here and get me some chocolate while he’s at it!”

“You’ll regret it tomorrow!”

“…And some biscuits too!”

And so it goes on and the angelic side of me rarely, if ever, wins the battle.

Recently I wrote about how great I felt after having a sin free weekend, so I am all too aware of how great I can feel if I just avoid the booze.

The problem, is putting it into practice. Left alone for an entire weekend without any plans, or any company, I wouldn’t touch a drop of the stuff. But that wouldn’t exactly be a great weekend now would it?

My friends are so used to me partaking in the normal social conventions, that if I turn a drink down (without a legit reason, like being the designated driver!) I’m met with a barrage of quizzical looks, questions, and a good dose of peer pressure. Admittedly, I am far too old now to be giving into peer pressure, but the truth is, I do enjoy having a drink…at the time.

Unfortunately, I tend towards the ‘all or nothing’ mindset. So I inevitably end up either home alone on the sofa with my pjs and a cup of tea, or polishing off a bottle of wine, a cocktail or two, a few jäger bombs and a late night chip kebab (classy one, aren’t I?!)

So what’s a twenty something girl like me to do?

Well, tonight Matthew I am going to attempt to be a grown up.

I’ve set myself a limit of 3 glasses of wine. I’m fully aware that this is still technically more than is recommended, but it’s a start. And what’s more, I think it’s achievable.

Watch this space…

Me Vs. Mondays

Monday mornings for me (and most of the universe I imagine!) are usually a total drag.

The last few weeks though have really taken the biscuit. Our weekends seem to have been totally choc-a-bloc full of late nights, too many bevvies and subsequently heavy hangover food (carbs, carbs and more carbs). Which despite being a lot of fun, leave me feeling even more sluggish come Monday. Not to mention grumpier, chubbier and uglier (hello spotty chin and under eye bags!)

I’m pleased to report that for me at least, this weekend was the opposite entirely – full of healthy food, early nights and absolutely no alcohol at all (The Man “endured” a Stag Do!)  Yep, last night I went to bed polishing my halo.

When my alarm went off for my 7:00 AM Monday morning Circuit Class at the gym, instead of groaning, I smiled. The sun was almost up, I had slept well and was raring to go. A quick hop on the scales confirmed my angelic weekend – back to my regular weight. Phew!

This Monday, I am WINNING!

How is everyone feeling this Monday?