Me Vs. Mondays

Monday mornings for me (and most of the universe I imagine!) are usually a total drag.

The last few weeks though have really taken the biscuit. Our weekends seem to have been totally choc-a-bloc full of late nights, too many bevvies and subsequently heavy hangover food (carbs, carbs and more carbs). Which despite being a lot of fun, leave me feeling even more sluggish come Monday. Not to mention grumpier, chubbier and uglier (hello spotty chin and under eye bags!)

I’m pleased to report that for me at least, this weekend was the opposite entirely – full of healthy food, early nights and absolutely no alcohol at all (The Man “endured” a Stag Do!)  Yep, last night I went to bed polishing my halo.

When my alarm went off for my 7:00 AM Monday morning Circuit Class at the gym, instead of groaning, I smiled. The sun was almost up, I had slept well and was raring to go. A quick hop on the scales confirmed my angelic weekend – back to my regular weight. Phew!

This Monday, I am WINNING!

How is everyone feeling this Monday?