Me Vs. The RAF Fitness Test

Over the weekend I caught up with my 17 year old cousin who is currently going through screening to enter the RAF as a Mechanic. He’d recently passed the Fitness Test and I was intrigued to hear what it consisted of.

The thing that stood out to me was the running test:

  • Complete 2.4km in 11 minutes and 11 seconds or less (on a treadmill)

I like to think of myself as quite fit, but that sounded pretty fast!

Despite having absolutely no intention of attempting to join the armed forces (sorry – the title of this blog is probably a bit misleading!) I decided I needed to know whether I could do it.

This morning I hit the gym to give it a go. I calculated that I would need to set the speed to 13 kmph – yikes! Despite having pretty long legs, I usually consider 14 kmph to be a sprint for me – I accepted long ago that I am definitely built for endurance not speed!

After 5 minutes I was blowing pretty hard. I turned the speed down to catch my breath, then cranked it back up again. Towards the end I had to speed up to 14.5 kmph to try make up some ground. But damnit, I didn’t quite make it!!!!!!

2.4km in 11mins 45seconds.

2.4km in 11 mins 45 seconds.

A quick google when I arrived home and I discovered that as a woman I’d in fact only need to do it in 13 minutes and 23 seconds.

Still, I am not satisfied. I am absolutely determined to do it in less that 11 minutes and 11 seconds, so watch this space…

In fact, consider it a challenge to any fellow runners/gym goers out there reading this…I hope to see some shakey pics of sweaty treadmills soon!